Supporting Quality Education

As a product of our public schools, Henry understands that all our children deserve the best in education. Our schools should provide our children with safe settings that are conducive to learning, qualified teachers to build and inspire our students and the best educational resources including access to technology to prepare our children for the future. Investing in our keiki ensures a stronger outlook for Hawaii’s future.

Improving Our Transportation Infrastructure

Maintaining and bettering our roads, harbors and airports is paramount due to Hawaii’s location and the importance it has in our residents’ daily lives. Henry believes that bettering critical pieces of our state transportation system is necessary and plays a vital role in moving our communities forward.

Supporting our Safety Net and Core Services

Core government services and programs supporting our seniors, struggling families, children, limited-Englishproficient residents, and others should be maintained and strengthened when resources are available. Henry supports the need to address issues impacting our communities such as improving public safety, increasing affordable housing, improving access to health services, ensuring language access services and opportunities for early education.

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